Quietly tucked into the quaint Silver Spring, Maryland, community, in affiliation with Our Lady of Grace and St. Patrick churches, Grace House makes it easy for residents to feel at home. Offering the serenity of a wooded backyard with patios and well-appointed suites and gathering areas to admire local wildlife, there is much to do, much to admire, and much for older adults in assisted living to benefit from.

Residents enjoy the scenic landscape that is perfect for relaxing and spending time with friends. This is a place where everyone feels right at home.

Conveniently tucked away in Silver Spring, Maryland, at Grace House you will enjoy the serenity of a peaceful wooded backyard with a patio. Residents can experience the local wildlife, enjoy time with friends or simply relax in this tranquil environment. This is truly a special place that residents can call home.


At Grace House, we encourage residents to enjoy an independent lifestyle while we provide all the conveniences of home, from delicious homemade meals to housekeeping services. Therefore, our residents have more time to socialize, participate in recreational activities, or just read a favorite novel. Our residents also enjoy peace of mind, knowing that when supportive services are needed our caring staff members are there to assist them at no additional charge.


At Grace House, residents in our assisted living community live life to the fullest. They enjoy an active and engaging lifestyle while we provide all the comforts and conveniences of home. From delicious meals to housekeeping services, residents are completely hands-off with the hassles of homeownership and completely hands-on in fun and exciting activities. We take care of everything, giving residents more time to socialize, participate in recreational activities, or simply relax.

At Victory Housing, residents live with complete confidence, knowing that if supportive services are ever needed, our caring staff members are here to assist them at no additional charge.

An Enjoyable Lifestyle With The Personalized Support You Need.

Grace House is here to help make your golden years truly golden. We take care of all the details like housekeeping, laundry and cooking so you can spend your time as you wish. And we provide personalized care to help you live as independently as possible so you can spend your days as you choose. With a myriad of activities and events taking place every day, and so many opportunities to socialize and make friends, you’ll find a fulfilling lifestyle at Grace House.

An Enjoyable Lifestyle With The Personalized Support You Need.

Assisted living at Grace House offers residents the perfect balance between an ideal retirement lifestyle and support. Time-consuming chores like housekeeping, laundry and cooking are no longer a daily concern, as we manage it all. Residents spend their days just as they choose. With the many recreational, social and spiritual programs offered, there’s always plenty to do.

Our caring team offers the personal support that’s needed so residents can live as independently as possible while enjoying everything taking place in this vibrant community.

Assisted Living FAQ

What is assisted living, and how is it different from other senior living options?

Assisted living is a senior living option that provides support to older adults while promoting independence and personal dignity in a safe, homelike environment. It is different from independent living in that residents require some level of care, assistance and supervision as they go about their daily routines. Assisted living also differs from memory care, which requires 24/7 supervision and support geared toward those living specifically with a diagnosed form of memory loss.

Who is assisted living for?

Assisted living benefits seniors who can no longer live safely or easily at home, who don’t require complex medical care, and who are seeking a challenge-free lifestyle and environment.

What types of services and amenities are provided in an assisted living community?

Residents in assisted living benefit from convenient and enriching services and amenities that make each day rewarding. A major aspect of assisted living is assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). This includes help with dressing, eating, bathing, grooming, toileting, transportation, and medication management. At Grace House, residents also benefit from worry-free living with all home maintenance taken care of and easy access to additional healthcare services.

How does the location of an assisted living community affect quality of life for residents?

It’s important for residents to be able to explore a world outside the walls of assisted living facilities. At Grace House, you’ll find assisted living in Silver Spring, MD, that’s near the hustle and bustle of the city and close to local shops, landmarks and hospitals. With supervised transportation to area attractions outside our community, residents have endless opportunities to socialize and realize just how positively the location of Silver Spring affects their mood and overall well-being.