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Since 1979, Victory Housing has served the Archdiocese of Washington as its development arm for affordable housing. Our mission is to build, acquire, renovate, manage and operate affordable housing - and to provide related services for mixed-income seniors and low-income families.

But in keeping with our name, Victory Housing has a higher purpose. Quite simply, we're committed to winning - for our residents, our supporters and the communities we serve. We win each time we help a resident find a safe, affordable and comfortable home with the caring support he or she needs. We win each time a neighborhood is revitalized by one of our properties. And we win when the community at large sees the value in what affordable housing can contribute.

Day by day, we're winning. And locally and nationally, people are taking notice. We're winning them over to the idea that affordable housing can sustain communities, restore neighborhoods and rebuild lives. And they've acknowledged our efforts with a number of awards for innovation, design and service, and we are committed to continuing to deliver these results.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Victory Housing. We look forward to serving you. You can contact us for more information at (301) 493-6000.

Leila A. Finucane

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